Longhorn has diversified into all segments in the education sector in order to secure the Company’s future growth and success in the market. Among these segments is one that deals with professional language services. Longhorn offers high quality ,accurate and professional language services to companies and individuals in Africa and the rest of the world.

Accurate and
professional language


Longhorn Publishers PLC is an African publishing house that is publicly listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The company has grown its dominance in the publishing sector by establishing its presence throughout the East and Central African region

In the East African region, the Company has fully incorporated subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Through distributor agreements, the Company has been able to expand its operations across the African continent to include Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan and Senegal.

 Longhorn has diversified into all segments in the education sector in order to secure the Company’s future growth and success in the market. Among these segments is one that deals with professional language services. Longhorn offers high quality, accurate and professional language services to companies and individuals in Africa and the rest of the world.


We offer high-quality translation services for all types of documents: commercial, noncommercial, technical and nontechnical documents and subject matter. We strive to achieve a hundred percent satisfaction for our clients.

We have a team of specialist linguists, seasoned translators and interpreters who handle content in their respective fields to bring out perfect results of the translated content and achieve a seamless messaging from the Source Language (L1) to the Target Language (L2), while taking cognizance of the cultural nuances that come up with changing backgrounds of the target audience.

For technical documents, we offer translation services in all disciplines, including but not limited to: Humanities, Linguistics, Natural sciences, Subject-specific Educational Materials, Medicine ,Law, Finance, Marketing as well as translations services for patents, websites, contracts, among others.



Competent and specialized translators

We have competent and specialist in-house translators and interpreters who are professionally trained in translation and interpretation to handle different areas of both technical and non-technical nature.

Quality services

Translation and interpretation in our company is taken as seriously and as delicately as brain surgery. Longhorn Publishers PLC allocates each translation project a manager who oversees the process of translating and interpreting each document from end to end. This ensures that all the aspects unique to the project are taken care of and managed to the finest detail.

Management process

Every translation project is unique and has its own defining characteristics. Every translation is therefore managed from a central point while maintaining constant communication with the client to ensure a seamless flow of the work and information that is critical and essential to the project. There is, therefore, no time when a project delays or gets stuck. This ensures the deadlines are met with perfect precision.

Quality control and assurance

Longhorn’s principal driver is quality. We ensure that there is a ‘third eye’ that ensures the translated document is a perfect rendition of the source material and has no gaps or errors. We work in a cycle with the client by making sure he/she verifies every stage or draft we make. Testing of the final document is done by having it read by subject specialists to ensure we get the best feedback from the ‘target audience’ before releasing the document to the client.


We ensure that during the translation process, the rights of the client are well protected and respected. This we do by ensuring that all the confidential information pertaining to the content being translated is strictly kept confidential. Where necessary, a Non- Disclosure Agreement is signed between us and the client to ensure that confidentiality is guaranteed.

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