Since its listing, in 2012, on the Alternative Market Segment [AIMS] segment of the NSE, Longhorn Publishers Plc has embarked on various initiatives whose ultimate objective is to democratize knowledge by taking the lead in offering various innovative learning solutions.

With the changing demands and needs of the publishing market, Longhorn Publishers Plc has had to adapt to both stay ahead of the market, while anticipating market needs, and respond to consistently changing market needs.

Longhorn Publishers Plc was the first publisher to fully digitize all titles and make them available on various digital platforms.

The Company has also developed its own proprietary e-Learning platforms in order to continue to offer choice, variety, and convenience to our consumers.

In order to respond to and engage with our customers more directly in an increasingly interactive market, Longhorn Publishers Plc maintains an active presence on the internet and on various social media platforms.

Corporate Governance

Longhorn Publishers PLC’s corporate governance framework is guided by the objective of enhancing long term stakeholder value without compromising on ethical standards and corporate social responsibilities.

At Longhorn Publishers PLC, we believe that Corporate Governance is a reflection of our value system, encompassing our culture, policies and the relationship with our stakeholders including the shareholders, regulators, employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, government and the community at large. It essentially involves balancing the interests of the organization with those of our stakeholders.

We further believe that Corporate Governance is more than just adherence to the regulatory and statutory requirements.