Longhorn Publishers Releases New Books For The Primary Segment

Longhorn Publishers PLC as recently released new books for the Primary segment under the revision, course books and reference categories.

The new books are aimed at providing students with a complete set of learning tools to improve their learning experience. The new products are Longhorn Grade 4 Coursebooks, Mastering KCPE Series and the Comprehensive Primary School Atlas, 2019 Edition.


In accordance with the Competency-Based Curriculum, Longhorn released course books for grade 4 pupils. The books comprehensively and exhaustively cover the new competency-based curriculum for Primary schools.

The Grade 4 coursebooks provide a range of practical activities that empower learners to solve everyday problems by applying their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The books also have extended activities that allow learning to take place at home hence giving parents or caregivers a chance to contribute to the learning outcomes for their children.

Content is presented in a simple consistent way and clearly gives a complete road map to excellence within the levels of the learners.

Books available in this series are:
1. Longhorn English Activities Grade 4
2. Longhorn Mwanga wa Kiswahili Gredi ya 4
3. Longhorn Umilisi wa Kiswahili Gredi ya 4
4. Longhorn social Studies Grade 4
5. Longhorn Art and Craft Grade 4
6. Longhorn Méthode de Français 4 (French)


The New Mastering KCPE Series is a comprehensive revision books that’s been developed in line with the entire primary level curriculum. The books contain actual KCPE questions (KCPE 1995-2019) tested over the years in each content area in order to provide a thorough KCPE revision experience.

The books have been written by a team of teachers who are highly experienced in teaching the subjects and setting KCPE examinations. Mastering KCPE is ideal for students in class 5,6,7 and 8.

Books available in this series are:
1. Kolea katika KCPE Kiswahili (Sarufi na Insha)
2. Kolea katika KCPE Kiswahili (Kusikiliza na Kuzungumza, Msamiati, Ufahamu,Ushairi na Fungukate)
3. Mastering KCPE English Grammar
4. Mastering KCPE English Comprehension and Composition
5. Mastering KCPE Mathematics
6. Mastering KCPE Science
7. Mastering KCPE CRE
8. Mastering KCPE Social Studies


The Newly revised Comprehensive Primary Atlas is the ideal companion for Pupils, teachers, parents and the general public that contains comprehensive geographical, social and historical facts.

The Atlas contains 100 pages of Counties information that features position and size of each County, economic activities, physical features, sub-counties and constituencies.

The Atlas also contains updated facts on infrastructural development, transport and communication, regional, continental and world economic cooperation. it has captured recent constitutional changes in Kenya and other contemporary developments in the region and the world.

The Comprehensive Primary School Atlas is the recommended Atlas for Primary Schools.


44th KESSHA – Kenya Secondary School Heads Association Annual National Conference

On 9th June, The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association kicked off its 44th KESSHA Annual National Conference at the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) in Mombasa. The week-long conference was attended by more than 13,000 principals and representatives from different secondary schools across the country.

During this conference, we had the opportunity to launch our newest secondary revision series titled Longhorn Secondary Encyclopaedia. The new Secondary Encyclopaeadia authored by knowledgable subject teachers and examiners provides students with sample predictor questions as well as model test papers that help students get acquainted with actual KCSE questions and how they are formulated.

The series also includes answers to all the questions and sample papers for ease of self-assessment and evaluation. These uniquely selected questions are specifically designed to help challenge student’s thinking, recall, and application of acquired knowledge.

The book series designed for Form 1 to Form 4 is available in all subjects in the following volumes;

  • Volume 1 Languages (English & Kiswahili)
  • Volume 2 Mathematics & Science (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
  • Volume 3 Humanities (History & Government, Geography, CRE, IRE)
  • Volume 4 Applied and Technical Subjects (Home Science, Agriculture, Computer Studies, Business Studies)

You can purchase the new Encyclopaedia at any leading bookstores across the country or you can call 0708 282 260 or 0722 204 608 to get the books for only kes 800/- excl VAT.

Regional KSSHA – Regional launch on the Encyclopaedia

Longhorn Publisher PLC launched its ultimate secondary revision companion; Longhorn KCSE Encyclopaedia Form 4 in over 15 Regional KSSHA conferences.

The encyclopaedia developed by recognized authors and examiners in line with the current curriculum offers comprehensive revision for KCSE.



The encyclopedia comes in four volumes:

Vol 1 Languages – English and Kiswahili

Vol 2 Mathematics and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Vol 3 Humanities – History & Government, Geography, CRE and IRE

Vol 4 Applied and Technical Subjects (Home Science, Agriculture, Computer Studies and Business Studies)

Longhorn Publishers PLC donates books to Peter Tabichi, winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Award

On April 9th 2019, Longhorn Publishers Plc donated textbooks to Peter Tabichi, the Global Teacher Prize winner 2019 at the the KCCB conference held at Catholic University of East Africa from 9th to 12th April 2019.

The books will be utilised in his school as he continues to create a positive impact to his students and the community.  The donation exercise was part of a 3-day capacity building training for private Catholic Institutions, Catholic Sponsored public secondary and Primary school hosted by Catholic University of East Africa.

Longhorn in partnership with organisations such as KCCB showcased books and digital products to over 700 educators in attendance. The learning materials showcased at the forum is meant to equip teachers with the skills to implement the New Curriculum in their schools effectively.

Longhorn Publishers Plc through heavy investment in the development of products in all levels of learning seeks to provide these learning materials to children from all walks of life.

Longhorn Publishers Plc has positioned itself as a pan-African company through the establishment of fully functioning subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and has increased its presence in Senegal, DRC, South Sudan, Malawi and Zambia through strategic partners.


Tamasha Ya Kiswahili

The Tamasha ya Kiswahili conference, a conference attended by over 100 secondary school students is meant to promote the appreciation of Kiswahili as a language in Secondary school brings together renowned Kiswahili authors to talk about their journey as authors as well as to debate upon the modern-day challenges facing the use or misuse of Kiswahli as spoken and written language.

Longhorn was represented by noted Kiswahili authors  namely; Ken Walibora; author of the highly popular set book Siku Njema, Wallah Bin Wallah; recognised author of the widely used primary course book Kiswahili Mufti. 

During the conference, Longhorn Publisher PLC launched the newly revised Kamusi ya Karne ya 21. This is the third edition of the Kamusi which has been revised to include new translation of technological and scientific English words and terms.

Longhorn Publishers PLC also introduced 864, a mobile messaging service that delivers meanings of Kiswahili words and phrases on your mobile phone.

Bioethics Society of Kenya Conference

The Bioethics Society of Kenya held its 3rd Bioethics Society of Kenya Annual Conference on 15th and 16th March 2019. The conference attended by over 50 society members brought together medical practitioners and scientists to promote ethics in all areas including research, medicine and healthcare.

Longhorn Publisher PLC was on hand to promote its newly launched book on bioethics; Bioethics of Medical Advances and Genetic Manipulation, a book authored by Prof Marion Mutugi and Hon Justice Isaac Lenaola. The book seeks to address the ethics in matters medical from both a medical and legal perspective.

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Kisumu Boys National Geography Workshop

Longhorn Publishers PLC in partnership with Kisumu Boys High hosted the Kisumu Boys National Geography Workshop. The workshop held on  21st and 22nd Feb was attended by over 350 geography teachers. The purpose of the workshop was to address the challenges of teaching geography and to promote the uptake of geography by secondary school students.

Longhorn Publisher PLC also launched its newly revised Comprehensive Secondary Atlas. The second edition atlas has been revised to provide comprehensive coverage of geographical concepts making the atlas the preferred reference companion.

Longhorn continues it’s dominance in the new curriculum system

Longhorn Publishers Plc has released a revision product for the New Competency Based Curriculum titled Longhorn Competence Based Smartscore Encyclopaedia, for pupils in Grade 1, 2 and 3.

The books were launched in February 2019 to over 1,000 schools across the country through capacity building workshops that equipped teachers with curriculum assessment skills.

For each Grade, the Encyclopaedia is divided into two volumes in order to ensure children learn at a comfortable pace. Each volume has the following subjects:


English Activities

Kiswahili (Shughuli)

Hygiene Activities

CRE Activities

IRE Activities


Mathematics Activities

Environmental Activities

English Literacy Activities

Kusoma na Kuandika Katika Kiswahili


Coverage of work for each subject in a volume is structured into three terms. Each term’s work includes:

  1. An Opening Assessment to assess the leaner’s entry behavior at the start of term.
  2. Well thought-out Activities, Summary Notes, Examples, and
  3. Practice/Revision Exercises.
  4. Mid Term, End of Term and End of Year Assessments.
  5. Answers to all Practice/Revision Exercises and Assessments.

The Encyclopaedia is the recommended revision tool for pupils in Grade 1, 2 and 3.

Longhorn Publishers will continue to produce high quality learning material for the new Curriculum as part of our mission to empower people through knowledge.



Kiswahili teachers to benefit from training by Longhorn Publishers

The training, organised by Longhorn Publishers targets primary school teachers countrywide in all the 47 counties to equip them with best practices for teaching Kiswahili to improve the performance of the subject.

The publishers have partnered with renowned Kiswahili author, Wallah Bin Wallah, author of Kiswahili Mufti series, both in the Old and New Curriculum and also Mazoezi na Marudio Mufti ya Kiswahili, to spearhead the training.

“The training is meant to equip the teachers with better teaching skills in light of the new curriculum developed by KICD,” said Longhorn’s Primary Sales Manager Joseph Kuria during the event at Aga Khan Hall in Mombasa.

Speaking during a workshop for the teachers, Kuria said that the training was also meant to strengthen Longhorn’s Market share in the Kiswahili segment.

He said the workshops, to be conducted in all regions in the country, will equip teachers with best practices for teaching Kiswahili more effectively.

Longhorn Publishers Plc is a Leading provider of innovative learning solutions – ranging from Pre-Primary to Tertiary levels. 

Longhorn to set up e-learning Centre at City Women’s Prison

Longhorn Publishers will set up a digital learning centre to help inmates at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison access the latest learning materials that are in line with the new competence-based curriculum.

The publisher, which is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), will install its e-learning platform in the computers currently available at the correctional facility by the end of the year.

The programme, which will cost the firm Sh250,000, will give inmates access to all Longhorn e-books that are on Google and Apple play stores as well as its web portal.

“We plan to provide the Longhorn e-Learning products that will be installed in the existing computer lab at Langata Prison. Our products will enable inmates to access the latest learning materials including the new competence based curriculum,” Longhorn Publishers chief executive Maxwell Wahome said last week.

He was speaking on the sidelines of an event where the firm donated set books and other literary material to cater for primary and secondary level pupils.

The company said it chose the prison due to its proximity to the city centre, adding that it plans to introduce the same programme in a male prison by the end of next month.

The firm reckons the move will help the government in its efforts to ensure basic computer skills through the digital literacy programme.

Longhorn’s sales revenue grew 16.84 per cent to Sh1.7 billion for the year ended June, with the publisher recording an after tax profit of Sh183.60 million in the period.

The company is currently undergoing a leadership transition following the resignation of Simon Ngigi in July this year.

Mr Wahome took over as Acting Group managing director before being confirmed for the top job just weeks later.

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Longhorn MD opens up about his professional life in an Interview

The new boss at Longhorn Publishers was an insider, handpicked to replace Simon Ngigi who resigned after three years at the helm. He has taken up the corner office at a time when the industry is facing digital disruptions. The finance and accounts guru whose eight-year stay at Price Waterhouse Coopers says his trick is changing his workers into entrepreneurs to help him sniff new opportunities in the drastically changing market. Longhorn has had a challenging period in the last two years, how did you manage to bounce back?

Initially, there was a change in curriculum that affected classes one, two and three, so we had to develop new products to fit the competence based system from the old knowledge based one. It took us two years to transition, identify the right authors, develop learning materials and get the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development approvals. In the next seven to 10 years, we are on solid ground with well-developed production. The overhaul is ongoing and the next set of classes to be affected will be four and five. The market is solid and growing. We posted Sh183 million last year up from Sh134 million and turnover grew from Sh1.45 billion to Sh1.69 billion.

Do you think the firm was reliant on a limited business stream and the digital disruption just came and swept the model away and how are you addressing this? What is key being diversification so that any dramatic change does not affect us. We do not just want to rely on the text book but other products like creative works, reference books like the Atlas, dictionary and Kamusi so that if course work changes it does not affect the business. Geographical diversification is also key. We have expanded into the regional market in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi. We are now in Senegal, where we intend to use it as a launchpad to other Francophone and West African markets, including Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

How are you addressing the digital challenge given that it is the new normal? There is a huge shift globally towards mobile learning and our focus is enabling the user to have content on mobile and tablets. Monetizing it will depend on content. For example, subscription based or free content which we can then advertise. For instance, we have the free online Kamusi where we make advertisement revenues. There is the opportunity to have virtual schools where lessons are recorded and classes done on an e-learning platform. We want to go digital before the disruption gets to us, provide school learning material and create demand so that we cement our position in the market.

You are a finance guy and managing costs is crucial given that you had to cut staff. How did that work out? From the bottom-line, we have improved operations efficiency by cutting production costs, especially the main cost which is printing and book development. Between July and September, we also reduced staff numbers by offering above market rate redundancy packages and managed to do it without a single lawsuit. We even followed up with some of them and helped them find placements in other companies. How is the strategy to acquire Law Africa working out?

It has a niche market and a few players have actually looked in it. We are doing well, and it is an industry we are seeing growing, especially in the commonwealth countries where we have common law. We have a unique position that will allow us to go to Zambia, Tanzania and South Sudan. It will also allow us to digitize legal material and make it accessible to everyone globally. However, going forward, we do not intend to buy other companies but we will acquire rights to products.

Where do you see the company in the next few years? We expect digital platform to drive incomes increasing 20 per cent in Kenya over the next three years. Digital has higher margins even when we have not grown topline, require less capital and content is already prepared. What key challenges does the business face? The cost of living which affects buyers is a major concern as well as high fuel cost as a result of new tax levies. This affects printing and loading costs. We are also working with the Association of Kenyan Publishers to eradicate piracy, provide affordable material and ensure equality so that all Kenyan children have access and not just those from Nairobi.

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