In spite of the tremendous strides we have made in increasing access to educaton, one of the key challenges remains: Our literacy and numeracy levels are not improving as fast as we would like them to.

  • “More than two out of every three pupils enrolled at Standard 3 level in East Africa fail to pass basic tests in English, Kiswahili or numeracy set at the Standard 2 level”
  • “The poor do worse everywhere; children from socioeconomically disadvantaged households perform worse on all tests at all ages”
  • “Students in non-­‐government (private) schools perform better than pupils in government (public) schools”
  • The Government allocates only KES 1,420 per pupil for primary educaton
  • Only 56% of pupils who enter standard one complete primary school

Key Queston

How can Longhorn Publishers be a partner alongside the Government in the ambitous task of becoming a middle-income economy?
Disadvantaged Schools

While Government (public) schools perform worse than private schools, there is a set of public schools that face even more dauntng challenges. These schools have a high presence of orphans, children from single parent homes, children escaping early marriages and those staying with distant relatves because of challenging situatons at home.

One of the drivers of illiteracy at many of these schools is the lack of access to books and reading material. It is expected that books will be provided by the educatonal insttuton and when that does not happen, the level of literacy, numeracy and educatonal atainment remains low. This in turn feeds the cycle of poverty as these children grow up without the skills necessary to succeed in our rapidly advancing society.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together (African Proverb)

The Soma Caravan is an initatve that Longhorn Publishers aims to create. We acknowledge that the task at hand is immense but we hope to accomplish it by working with like minded partners in getting much needed books to community schools all across the
country. By providing books to schools across the country. Our objectve is to supplement the efforts of the Government in ensuring a book rato of 1 to 1 in all schools countrywide. We aim to distribute 1,000,000 books to hundreds of schools all around the country in the first phase of the initatve.

How it Works


In consultation with the Ministry of Educaton, we will identify and shortlist schools that meet the determined criteria. Putting the list of schools together, will allow us to map the need areas by geography as well as population.


We will then identity partners who would be interested in working with us either across single geographical areas, by targetinng specific types of institutions, sponsoring specific schools or coming on board as global partners.


Once the partners are on board, the Soma Caravan will be flagged off at a National event. This provide visibility for our partners and encourage others to join with us on this journey. The Caravan will make its way across the country delivering books to the designated schools.

Join the Caravan

It’s time to join the government in making an investment in the next generaon of Kenyans. A generaon that will rise to lead our country into the realm of a middle income economy.