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Mastering Primary English Grammar

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ISBN: 996631246-3

AUTHOR NAME: Malkiat Singh


Longhorn Mastering Series is a well thought-out product line that is
aimed at helping the learner to understand and internalise concepts in the
various subject areas. The series is premised on the fact that learners often
opt to cram as opposed to understanding concepts in the last-minute effort
to excel in exams. The series therefore seeks to eliminate this tendency and
instill a culture of understanding of concepts early enough among learners.

Mastering English Grammar (For Standards 6, 7 & 8) has the following
unique features which make it the book of choice in the teaching and
learning of English:
• Has quick revision notes – given in point form, which cover the whole
Primary School syllabus.
• Has over 300 common grammar questions in Primary English – with
answers, intended to instill mastery of English Grammar among learners.

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