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How to pay Longhorn Kenya through M-PESA

Step 1. Select paybill from the M-PESA menu
Step 2. Enter the Business number i.e. 502900

Step 3. Enter your customer account number as provided in your monthly customer statement e.g. Cust2220
Step 4. Enter the Amount to pay. e.g. KShs. 7,000

Step 5. Enter your M-PESA PIN
Step 6. A confirmation message will appear with the details you have entered. Review details before pressing OK to send your payment.

Step 7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA giving your transaction details. Please keep this SMS for your records.

Your questions answered:

Q: Who can use this M-PESA service?
A: Anyone who has an account with us and is M-PESA registered.

Q: What is the Longhorn Kenya Ltd Business Number for M-PESA?
A: Longhorn Kenya Ltd Business Number is 502900

Q: What is my account number?
A: This is the number assigned to you by Longhorn, which is reflected on your invoices and statements. You can contact Longhorn customer care for more information.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount I can send per transaction?
A: The maximum amount you can send is KShs.70,000 per transaction. If you wish to send more than KShs. 70,000, then you will do it in more than
one transaction. For example, to pay KShs. 85,000 you could first pay KShs. 70,000, and then KShs.15,000.

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